With the launch of HTC Themes app, creating a theme is no longer limited to the computer. Users can now create themes effortlessly on their devices. In addition to creation, users can also browse and mix elements from different themes. 

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Setup screens are important in that they give users initial impressions of an app, which is why the designs have to be not only informative, but also engaging and visually exciting. I also wanted my designs to create a smooth experience where the users wouldn’t feel like they’re being forced to walkthrough a setup process; rather they are intrigued and want more of HTC themes. My design concept for the setup screens are also being applied to setup screens for other HTC apps.


Create a theme completely from scratch by selecting a favorite photo or by taking a new picture for wallpaper. HTC Themes app will automatically create a coordinating color palette that colors your phone based on the colors of your wallpaper. Choose a style to change icons, sounds and fonts, or mix theme elements from different themes. Theming your phone has never been easier.

In addition, high quality designs are also applicable from the catalog. Follow your favorite designers to receive instant notifications when they post new themes. When you browse, you can bookmark, comment and rate themes you really love.