The goal of this project is to achieve the luxury and elegance of chocolate packaging. The design concept
is based on Wiener Werkstatte and Art Deco, so I applied the style from that period into my logotype and graphics. The chocolate shape was inspired from the golden brick, and I like to create indent shapes: a hexagon. I also applied the golden foil, embossed the logo and the lines in the final mockup.

Romance Copy: Some might say that an anniversary is a memory that contains bitterness and sweetness. Salzburg Chocolate Werks has recognized these beautiful moments for a century. Marking our 100th anniversary, we invite you to celebrate this special moment with us. Proud of our 100 years of experience, Salzburg Chocolate Werks vows to continue serving the world’s finest chocolate for chocolate lovers into the next century.

Photo by  Kuo-Heng Huang